Consumers spend an amazing amount of money each year on health care products. Second to makeup, women are more concerned with their hair than with any other body feature.  The hair loss industry alone is a huge indicator of how important styling has become in our modern culture. Most people spend more time washing, drying, and styling the mop on the top of their head than on any other activity. From high-end salon services to over-the-counter soaps, lotions, and conditioners, this industry is huge.

While most people stick to products they like best, many of the same people need a reminder about basic routines. You want to keep your hair healthy and happy for years to come and avoid the unnecessary damage caused by bad hair care habits or, worse, old myths passed down from relatives.

So, how can you ensure your locks stays healthy while looking good in the process? Check out these 10 don’ts to keep your hair attractive for years to come.

1. Don’t be cheap. I know we’re all trying to cut costs but try to avoid the cheapest products at your local grocery store as much as possible. These cheap products can be very damaging.

2. Don’t cut your own locks. Leave all the cutting to your stylist. I know it’s tempting to cut those bangs before you head out the door but try to resist the temptation.

3. Don’t over-expose yourself. Sun, salt, chlorine and other chemicals wreak havoc on your follicles. If you just can’t avoid exposure, try to cover up as much as possible.

4. Don’t use clarifying products on your tresses more than one time per week. They can strip out essential moisture and oils. Using clarifier products can cause dryness and, eventually split ends. Use sparingly.

5. Don’t use nonprofessional products. How many ads do you see for high-end salons? Very few. Cheap, franchise type salons can be risky. Ask your friends. Get a referral. You don’t want to leave your look to amateurs.

 6. Don’t buy color-in-a-box. These are cheap, imitation products that, if applied incorrectly, can cause serious damage. Pay the money to have a professional color you up.

7. Don’t stay stuck. The 80s were over a long time ago. Don’t be afraid of changing your style to get up to date.

8. Don’t use a clothes iron. Surprisingly, people still do this and it’s a big no-no. Not only will you cause damage, you could seriously injure yourself. Get a straightening iron. They’re much more affordable today.

9. Don’t brush too hard while wet. This is especially true if you have damaged or thin hair.

10. Don’t use lemon juice or other over-the-counter products as a lightener. This can seriously fry you.

Follow the above 10 don’ts and you’ll be well on your way to looking great for the rest of your life.


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