3-5 minutes a day to a healthier you


Tap into the fresh energy by crating new habits.  Did you know, just 3-5 minutes a day of meditation can bolster your emotional and physical well-being!  You will soon find yourself looking forward to that delicious sliver of silence.

Establish a routine

  • Decide on the time of day that’s best for you and stick with it. Many people choose early morning or just before bedtime.
  • Find a pleasant spot where you won’t be interrupted.
  • Pick a meditation you’ll enjoy, such as:
    • Movement – like yoga or stretching
    • Visualization – Youtube videos are plentiful and free. Line up a few ahead of time so you can simply listen and follow along.
    • Breathing – count to 5 as you inhale, hold your breath for 2 counts, exhale for 2 counts.
    • Sensory – in this case, using your sense of sight. Focus on something interesting, perhaps flowers or a piece of art.  See and pay attention to the colour, shape, texture, size and contrast of the object.

Stay focused

It’s very common to find your mind wandering during meditation.  If that happens, simply keep bringing your focus back to what you’re doing.  With practice, it’ll become easier to stay focused over time. Try using a timer so you don’t keep checking the clock.

Change it up

Variety truly is the spice of life, even when meditating.  Try several different types of meditation to find the one(s) you enjoy most, as it’s easier to commit to a routine you enjoy!

To Your Health,

Connie Thoreson of Totally Meditation



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