Fall is a time for many wonderful changes—you exchange your short-sleeved shirts for cozy sweaters and days in the sun for colorful, leaf-strewn landscapes. However, it’s important to recognize that your skin also undergoes a few transformations during this season. Where once your complexion felt naturally hydrated and supple, it may now become dry and flaky with little notice. Use these tips for getting your skin ready for fall to help curb these changes and keep your cells healthy.

Use a Thicker Moisturizer

Again, cooler temperatures can severely dry out your skin. The lack of moisture in the air prevents your cells from holding onto their much-needed water supply, often leaving your skin feeling ashy and irritated. So in the weeks leading up to the official start of fall, start using a thicker moisturizing product in your routine. Richer formulas penetrate deeper into the skin and are better at locking that hydration inside your cells.

Cut Back on Exfoliation

Start cutting down on how often you exfoliate your skin before fall starts. Because your skin dries out more easily during this time, you’ll want to reduce doing anything that can remove moisture from your skin—especially if you have a naturally dry complexion. Since exfoliation involves stripping your skin of dead cells and other debris, it can sap away essential moisture as well. As such, make sure you’re limiting this step of your routine to once or twice a week.

Use Better Formulas

Another valuable tip for getting your skin ready for fall is to switch up your product formulas. While it’s important to use the right product year-round, It’s especially vital to do so during transitional seasons like fall and spring. These seasons cause the most changes in your skin, and your body needs the necessary nutrients to avoid lasting damage. Some of the best natural ingredients for skin care include vitamin C, green tea, and aloe vera.

Install a Home Humidifier

If you notice that your skin gets excessively dry during this transitionary period, you might also want to install a humidifier in your home. Humidifiers put some moisture back into the environment around you, making it easier for your skin to hold onto its own hydration. For this reason, they’re a useful tool for anyone who wants to prevent dehydration in the fall and winter months.

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