Have you ever wished your brows were a little bit more exciting? They’re fine as they are now, but you can’t help but feel like they’re missing something. Even the latest brow trends aren’t quite the je ne sais quois you were looking for.

Fortunately, there are many unique ways you can spice up your eyebrows that may catch your interest. From brows with bling to brows in every color of the rainbow, here are four ways to change up your brows and put them in the spotlight.

Colored Brows

Did you know that you can dye your brows like you’d dye the hair on your head? There are special brow dyes that you can use to make your brows any color you want. Colored brows are one of this year’s most overlooked brow trends. Bold red brows exude a fiery and confident aura, while ocean blue brows will have people mistaking you for a mermaid queen.

Bling Bling

You can also cover your brows in bling. Don’t reach for the bedazzler, though—you’ll want to use face-safe lash glue for this look. Take tiny rhinestones in the colors and shapes of your choice, arrange them on and around your brows, and adhere them with lash glue.

You can use them as a subtle accent to the rest of your look or cover both of your brows from head to tail for ultimate shine and glamour. You can also arrange rhinestones to create the illusion of brow piercings.

Brow Paint

If you’re artistic, you can use face paint or cream eyeshadows to turn your brows into an artful masterpiece. Your options are endless! You can turn your brows into a blossoming meadow with a butterfly and flower design or a cosmic display with stars. If you’re not confident in your freehand skills, you can pick up some stencils and use those to create your brow designs instead.

Brow Glitter

Why not pair your shimmering eyeshadow and highlight with some glitter brows? By using a glitter adhesive, eyebrow gel, or eyelash glue and a glitter pigment, you can make your brows glimmer under the light.

With these four unique ways to spice up your eyebrows, you can make your brows stand out among the crowd. These fun and creative options showcase your personality and brow-styling talent!

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