Rachel Espata yoga moves

Need a body-love boost? Try these simpleyet powerful, yoga moves to get you feeling radiant in your mind and body.  

Mountain Pose 

Great for: When you need a moment to recharge. 

Stand with your feet comfortably apart. Draw your attention up from your feet and gently pull your belly button closer to you. Straighten your arms low to your side, palms facing forward. Raise your arms into a “V” overhead, keeping shoulders low. Take a deep inhale and deep exhale as you settle into Mountain pose. 

Rachel Espata Yoga Moves


Half Moon Pose 

Great for: Stretching out your sides + shoulders 

From mountain pose, bend your left elbow, placing your hand on your hip. Bend towards the left elbow and reach across with your right arm raised. Repeat on the other side. 



Warrior Pose Rachel Espata Yoga Moves

Great for: When you want to ease tightness in your hips and legs 

Returning to mountain pose, lean into your left leg and place your right leg behind, putting the weight onto the ball of your right foot. Find a comfortable distance between your legs, making sure your front knee is bent and aligned with your ankle. Raise your arms up to a wide V. Once complete, step feet back together and repeat on the other side. 

Tree Pose Rachel Espata Yoga Moves

Great for: Practicing balance  

From mountain pose, bring your hands in front of your heart. Gently lean into your left leg and bring your right foot to your ankle. Explore bringing your right foot up off the ground – placed on your leg. You can try bringing your arms up overhead to a wide V. Once complete, repeat on the other side. 

by Rachel Espata www.moretolovewithrachel.com

Photography: M. Davidson-Schapiro Photography

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