Seasonal change can affect your vehicle in more ways than you think. Several factors can prevent your car from working at its best during this season, such as frozen fuel lines and road salt damage. However, these are five essential winter car maintenance tips to remember. Use them to prepare for the chill of the upcoming months.

Prioritize Your Car Battery

Sometimes in the winter, your car won’t start no matter how many times you turn the key. Cold climates tend to reduce battery power to half; this is especially damaging to older vehicles.

To check your battery, remove the plastic caps on top and look at your fluid levels. If levels indicate a low measurement, add distilled water. You can also take your car to a service station to undergo a professional test by an expert.

Clean Your Windows

Cleaning your car windows of ice and snow is important, but it’s also important to make sure you’re doing it properly. Never use your wipers to remove ice and snow from your car’s windshield. Instead, use an ice scraper and activate your wipers to dispense the anti-freeze solution.

Check Your Oil

Cold weather can cause motor oil to thicken, which makes it challenging for your engine to run. Have your oil checked by an expert. They’ll assess the solution and perform additional maintenance tasks that can improve your car’s safety during the winter.

Consider Winter Tires

Winter tires can reduce the risk of your car spinning out in the snow. Prioritize having your vehicle’s tires changed so you can ensure your safety when you drive. Demand for tires significantly increases as soon as the snow falls, so get new tires right away.

Keep Your Tank Half Full

Condensation can sometimes form in your car’s gas tank. If it’s running on fumes, it can damage your tank and turn into ice. The condensation can contribute to frozen gas lines and prevent your vehicle from starting.

Taking care of your vehicle when the temperature drops will help you avoid issues such as your car’s battery dying or its windows freezing. When you use these five essential winter car maintenance tips, your car will be able to withstand the harshness of winter.

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