5 Methods for Relieving Tension Caused by Stress

Sometimes stress finds you, no matter how much you try to avoid it. It usually does so at the worst possible time as well. Stress has become a real problem in our society as its pace continues to speed up. Somedays, it can feel like you’re barely keeping up. At these times, i’s important to take a step back and reset before you hurt yourself. We’re going to give you some methods for relieving tension caused by stress so you can navigate our stressful world a little easier.

Musical Therapy

Music can have a profound impact on our mood when we give ourselves time to absorb it. Many people use music simply as a distraction, something to get them through to the next thing they have to do. However, if you can take a moment and really listen to some of your favorites, you might be surprised at how your tension can melt away. Humans were built to make and enjoy music—don’t let this simple pleasure slip by you.

Stress Outlets

Sometimes, doing something calming isn’t the right method for relieving stress-related tension, and you need to let that tension out in a different way. A common outlet for stress and tension is working out, as many people find the exertion of running or weightlifting very therapeutic. Your outlet doesn’t need to be exercise, though, as even playing video games has been shown to help reduce stress levels in the people who play them.


You’ve probably been told a million times by now how beneficial meditation is to your mental health, but there’s a good reason for that. Meditation has been shown time and time again to have fantastic stress-relieving benefits. Taking some time out from your day, even just a few minutes, to sit with yourself and be in the moment can really put things into perspective.

Reduce Screen Time

Your phone might seem like your best friend, but it can be more harm than help a lot of the time. Not only is extended screen time bad for your eyes, which can contribute to more tension including headaches, but it also exposes you to much more stimuli than your brain is prepared to handle. Mindless scrolling can overload your brain with stimuli, which in turn tires it out and makes it hard to process anything else, like your tension, for instance.


It really can help to get all your feelings out and onto something tangible. Regular journaling is a great way to release tension by allowing your feelings to be felt and recorded. Describe the problems you’re having and maybe even go into how you want to solve them, but mostly, just give yourself some time to understand your own thoughts a little better.

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