Later winter to early spring is when the weather is best in Barbados, making for an incredible winter getaway or refreshing start to the new year. However, you can expect the usual visitor hot spots to feature tons of vacationers. So if you’re looking for less crowded but equally exciting things to do on the island, here are five unique places to explore during your stay in Barbados.

Barracuda Junction

Anyone interested in diving can easily find the various shipwrecks and reefs that call Barbados home. However, one truly unique place is the diving spot known as Barracuda Junction. This site, conveniently located between Holetown and Bridgetown, is known for its beyond plentiful fish sightings. However, the fish that takes this experience over the top is the one that gives the site its namesake: the sleek, stunning barracuda.

The Speightstown Mural

The Speightstown Mural is a bit further north on the island than most tourists go, and in part, that’s what makes it so special. At first glance, this realistic seaside mural suggests that you’re peering through the ruins of an old building into another world. The reality of this stunning piece is that it displays the art forms, animal life, and history that make Barbados the nation it is today. You may need to make multiple stops to experience this entire painting as it’s 80 feet long.

Harrison’s Cave

Harrison’s Cave allows you to explore an entirely different side of the island than any other tourist destination. This cave has something for every cave lover, from bodies of water and waterfalls to beautifully formed stalagmites and stalactites. There’s even a tram option for exploring the cave’s main path in comfort.

The Garrison Savannah

Horse racing is one of the most popular events on the island, and for a good reason. If you’re staying toward the south end of Barbados and want to experience a breathtaking display of equine athleticism, the Garrison Savannah is worth visiting. Even if you don’t go for the horses, consider a visit to see a tradition dating back to 1845.

The Limegrove Lifestyle Centre

If you want to spend your entire day getting lost in fashion boutiques, enjoying the cinema, and dipping your toes into local cuisine, look no further than Holetown’s Limegrove Lifestyle Centre. This destination is like an outdoor mall turned up to 11; it’s easy to stay with its beautiful weather and luxury brands. However, we should mention that Limegrove is only one of many shopping destinations worth browsing. After all, these streets are teeming with local artisans and luxury stores that you will regret passing by!

Hopefully, these ideas for unique places to explore during your stay in Barbados will inspire you to go beyond the usual stops and see all the island has to offer. Peak season is here, so if you’re still making plans, remember to look into reservations for your Barbados vacation checklist before you go.

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