5 Ways To Start Loving Your Body Right NOW! 

 Written by: Sarah Sapora  

Photography by: Erin Marie

“Love your body!” It seems everywhere we go a brand, celebrity, or website ordering us to celebrate our curves. Except… loving your body can be hard. (And it seems like nobody talks about it!) So if you are one of the women who struggle to make peace with her bodacious bod, you may feel broken or weird. Truthbomb – you are totally normal. For many (including yours truly) loving your body is a proactive choice made on the daily. Here are five things you can do to help you start loving your body TODAY!

Photography by: Erin Marie


     1.  Get naked. The more something “freaks” you out, the more power it has over you.  Remove the shame! Stand in front of the mirror naked. Breathe deeply. Say your name out loud. Celebrate even the smallest part of you with affirmations. 

     2. Start moving. Movement reduces anxiety and stress, fights insomnia and produces dopamine. It also feels pretty empowering! Whether you dance, lift weights, do yoga, or simply go for a walk, get out there and start getting in touch with some of the beautiful things your body can physically do. 

    3. Wear clothes that fit you as you are. Almost nothing makes us feel less comfy in our skin than pulling and tugging at clothes that are too tight.  Focus less on labels and how your clothes fit and feel. Stressed about what size you wear? Remind yourself that all brands fit differently. There is almost no such thing as real standard sizing; you wear what you wear. That’s it! 

   4. Curate what you take inDitch following social media accounts that make you feel bad about who you are and what you look like. There is plenty of inspiration to be had that’s empowering and relatable to YOUR body and lifestyle. Free yourself from the Comparison Trap! 

  5. Schedule YOU timeDo things you enjoy; don’t wait to be a different version if you!  Take a bubble bath. Meditate. Drink a glass of wine wearing only socks. Spend a languid Sunday morning in your undies, go on a mini-vacation, or try a dance class. Stop waiting to be something else before you allow yourself to enjoy who you are!

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