Handling Holiday Party Diet Talk

Meredith Noble of Made on a Generous Plan Coaching 

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Are you trying to live a body positive, non-diet lifestyle? If you are, you might be dreading the holiday parties that are awaiting you this season. People love to talk about diets when they gather socially, whether it’s about the latest bandwagon they’ve hopped on (Keto, anyone?), or how “bad/good” they’re being around the holiday treats.  

But attending holiday parties as someone who’s opted out of dieting and diet culture doesn’t have to be miserable. 

My biggest tip is remembering that you get to be in control of what conversations you choose to participate in. If you’re triggered by someone talking about diets, here are some options for extracting yourself:

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Walk away. 

Yep, you literally don’t have to participate. In a big group? Just wander off. Excuse yourself to go to the ladies’ room, or get something to drink. Then go find other people to hang out with who are discussing something more interesting.

Change the topic.  

This can require some creativity, but it can be done! Consider phrases like, “Huh, ok, but did you hear about [insert way more awesome topic than dieting here]?”

Set boundaries. 

If it’s someone you have some level of trust and connection with, consider asking them straight out not to discuss food, exercise, or diets with you. You can say something like, “I just prefer not to discuss these things,” or my favorite, paraphrased from coach Rachel W. Cole, “Know how some people don’t discuss politics or religion? I don’t discuss diets.”

It’s up to you if you want to give an explanation. It may help someone understand, but it is not your responsibility to provide one if it doesn’t feel productive or safe to do so! 

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Here’s to many fun, fabulous holiday social gatherings where you’re in full control of your diet talk exposure! 

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