Redefining How You Think About Body Positivity

by Jennifer Rollin  

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For many of my clients, the leap from body hatred to body love feels impossible. However, in my work with them, I help them start to redefine and think about “body positivity” in a different way.   

Even if you looked in the mirror and absolutely loved your reflection, the reality is that our bodies are meant to change as we age. Therefore, putting your self-worth into your appearance is a recipe for dissatisfaction.  

I help people to start to reframe the idea of true body positivity as being so busy living your amazing life, that you don’t even think about the way that your body looks.  

curvy health 

So, how can you start working toward this?  

First, start to notice the areas in your life where your negative body image may be holding you back. Then, gradually work to challenge yourself to do the things that you are putting on hold until you are happy with your body.

Pay attention any unhelpful thoughts that you are telling yourself about your body and work to shift focus to gratitude for body-function and the things your body does for you.

Explore passions and interests that bring you joy and a sense of meaning, which your body-hatred may have been keeping you from focusing on. 

 curvy health

It’s unlikely that you will look back on your life at age 80 and wish that you spent more time counting calories, being a slave to the treadmill, or fixated on your weight.  

What you’ll care about will be your relationships, how you pursued your passion, the sparkle in your eyes when you laughed, and the difference that you were able to make in the lives of others. 

Ultimately, it’s ok if you don’t love the appearance of your body. It’s far more important to me that you fall in love with your life.  


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