Making Movement Enjoyable 

Written by: Barbara Steinmetz, ACE CPT

 How to Fall in Love with Moving Your Body Again 


I am the owner and founder of Plus Fitness Beyond Body Size in Butler, N.J. I work only with the female plus size community to help them get started on their health and fitness journey. 

 When exercise is linked only to weight loss, working out can become more of a punishment than a pleasure; something you “HAVE” to do instead of something you WANT to do. As a personal trainer I only work with plus size women, and I start all my clients with weight neutral care, or a non-weight loss approach to their health and fitness. After all, it’s their body, their movement plan, their progress, their journey, their way. My mission is to help them fall in LOVE with moving their bodies again. 


So, what can joyful movement look and feel like? Perhaps playing with a hula hoop again: remember how much fun that was and how hard you and your friends would laugh? ENJOYABLE MOVEMENT. What about taking the family, a spouse, or a friend and going bowling? Fun, accessible, affordable, and, yes, ENJOYABLE MOVEMENT. I know some women who will crank up the music and dance while they vacuum their houses. ENJOYABLE MOVEMENT (perhaps not for all, LOL). Speaking of dancing, why not take a spin around your living room, or perhaps pick up those dancing lessons again? Ice skating, bike riding, walking, gardening, or even an easy hike to enjoy nature: all ENJOYABLE MOVEMENT. Grab a couple of friends and take an aqua class, water fun at its best, even housework (ok, that may be a bit much LOL). My point is that movement is movement, and it should be fun and enjoyable so you will continue to do it. Find what you like, remember what you enjoy, and go with it. Pick one, pick many, pick them all, just move! Remember, you do not HAVE to do anything, or, you CAN do everything; the choice is yours. 



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