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Just like the rest of you, I have been fighting a battle, the battle of self-acceptance. My body positive journey began in summer 2015 when I was just done, done with the body hate and the shame that I felt over how I looked.

In July 2015 I was on a mission, a mission to get thin.. I couldn’t stand my body any longer. At 250 pounds, I had been running 23 kilometers a week for 2 years, loving running and the peace of mind that it gave me, but not loving the results I was getting.

I was eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly, why was I still fat?

I was done; I made an appointment with my doctor to explore weight loss surgery as an option. Test after test I underwent to see if I was a candidate for the surgery, and after weeks of being poked and prodded, the results were in..

I will never forget that day when I sat in my doctor’s office waiting for the magical words yes, you are a candidate for weight loss surgery, but those words never came. What I heard filled me with disappointment. My test results showed that I was healthy and fit and healthier than most people who were half my size.

How could that be, how could I be healthy, fit and fat? That just wasn’t right.. could it be possible to be healthy, fit AND fat? Society teaches us that if you are overweight you are lazy, unhealthy and have bad eating habits, I am overweight, so I must fit that mold.. but I don’t, I am healthy. I am fit.

I then set out a mission, a mission to find others who were like me, and after a few hours on the internet, I discovered a whole community of beautiful, funny, fit, healthy plus size women!! Right then and there I knew that we needed a media platform that was specifically designed for this curvy community. A place where we can be accepted for who we are. A place that wouldn’t try and change who we are, but one that would celebrate who we are and in that moment …. FabUplus was born.

My journey to self-love and body acceptance is far from over, it is only just beginning… and I would like to invite you into FabUplus Magazine, and share the journey with me.

5 Steps to a Wonderful Life Without Dieting

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These are the EXACT same steps that we have used to transform the lives of hundreds of women helping them to stop being ashamed of their bodies.

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