Action Fosters Confidence

Photography By: Ryan Walvoord www.RyanWalvoord.Com – Model: Angelique Robles

Action Fosters Confidence – How to unleash your inner confidence.

I would like to say that I am confident in all the things that I do. But thats not the truth. Not completely. As for me, confidence comes naturally in some parts and its something that I have to learn in others. For some, the belief in themselves is ingrained; As for Others it is a learned skill. And like all skills, it takes time and practice. It takes action.

Now that I said that, what do you do? How do you learn confidence?

Take credit. One way to start is to keep track of your successes. Write them down and celebrate them! We’ve all got them! Do this during the day, and believe me, youll realize we don’t often give ourselves credit for most of the things we do. Its so easy to notice the crappy things. It just takes a little confidence to focus on the amazing things.

Step outside you comfort zone.

When you have an achievement outside your safety bubble, when you can deal with the discomfort and allow yourself to experience success regardless, your foster your confidence. Its one step that leads to many more.

Let go of perfection.

There is no such thing! Its just a measuring stick you carry in your head to compare yourself to others and – guess what? – when you compare yourself to others, it just messes with you. Every time. Instead, make a list of what you use to measure yourself and your successes. Is it time to change it up? It might be time you realize that youre really the most amazing person in your life!

Action Fosters Confidence

Photography By: Ryan Walvoord www.RyanWalvoord.Com – Model: Angelique Robles

Channel yourself. Life is too short to spend time being a wallflower or beating yourself up all the time. If you’re not feeling confidence in yourself, borrow someone elses. I have a friend…shes big, bold and unapologetic! Shes full of confidence and commands any room!  I imagine her… how she stands, maybe how she talks, or  how she looks at everyone and herself…I call it channeling my Inner Charlene. As crazy as it may sound, it works! And every time I channel her, somehow I actually unleash my Inner Me, and my own confidence starts shining through.

We are all works in progress, keep working on it! You are amazing.


Action Fosters Confidence

Photography By: Ryan Walvoord www.RyanWalvoord.Com- Model: Angelique Robles


By: Gina Best – Life Coach and No Shit Taker 

Photography By: Ryan Walvoord

Model: Angelique Robles

Hair and Make Up: HairByTaraNavarro

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