Skirts are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing out there. They exist in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and you can style them in seemingly endless ways.

When it comes to fashion, the more options, the better; having more options makes it so much easier to find pieces that suit your personality and style. Want to know what kind of skirt will suit you best? Here’s an overview of the different kinds of skirts. This article covers some of the most popular skirt styles, including A-line, mini, pencil, pleated, and tulip skirts.


A-line skirts are knee-length skirts that are fitted at the waist and flare out around the hips. They’re a cute and comfortable option that’s perfect for people with a pear body shape.


Miniskirts are super-short skirts that traditionally end mid-thigh. Most miniskirts are fitted but flared and circular miniskirts are also popular. Miniskirts are a great option for scorching hot summer days, but that doesn’t mean they’re a summer-exclusive style. Pair a boutique miniskirt with knee-high boots and a comfy sweater for an adorable fall look.


Pencil skirts are a staple of business attire. They usually end just above the knee, though shorter and longer varieties also exist. Because pencil skirts have fitted waists and hems, they can feel tight and uncomfortable unless they’re made of stretchy fabric or have a slit in the side. However, pencil skirts are great for those who want to flaunt their figure and natural curves because they’re so skintight.


Pleated skirts are skirts that have pleats. And what are pleats, exactly? Pleats are folds pressed, ironed, or creased into place. Pleated skirts come in all lengths and shapes, and the size of the pleats can also differ. They have a sophisticated appearance that makes them ideal for professional and modern chic outfits.


To finish up this overview of the different kinds of skirts, we have the tulip skirt. The hem of tulip skirts mimics the appearance of the tulip flower. These skirts either taper at the knees or flare just below the knees and often have an asymmetrical hemline.

They accentuate the waist and can even add volume to the hips. Most people wear tulip skirts as casual attire, but solid and neutral-colored tulip skirts can also make for fantastic work attire.

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