Artist Feature- Martina Nunez

Artist Feature Martina Nunes

Artist Feature

Martina Nunes started drawing  and wanting to become an artist when she was just a kid. She recalls being a chubby kid who showed signs of artistic talent at a very early age. That talent snowballed when she studied art at school. The school work itself gave her some basic skills, but her real passion for drawing came in college when she started to draw illustrations of curvy women and fashion collections. It was then that she noticed that all the models were thin. This got Martina thinking about why that was and whether it was something she wanted to perpetuate.

She started to take on a different direction with an artist eye with her drawing; from stick-thin models seen in magazines to drawing real live women with all their flaws and curves. She remembers looking back at the work of Renaissance painters and the way that they portrayed and celebrated curvy women. It ignited her passion for capturing the true beauty of a woman and it became a far more important expression of art to Martina. Every woman has that inner beauty that Martina calls a special shine.


Artist Feature Martina Nunes



Now as a mother

she has learned to accept her own curves as well as those of her drawings and illustrations. Being accepting of curves is a common theme in Martina’s work and is the message she hopes to share with her art. She lets the world see that women, of any shape and size, are beautiful. It has been some time since plus size models were in Vogue in fashion or art, and Martina is at the forefront of this battle for acceptance again. She is an Artist!


Artist Feature Martina Nunes


Working With Models

around the world and she uses a variety of materials in her illustration to showcase a different feature every time.  Martina’s future  plans include learning new artistic techniques so that her work can be viewed by many more people. It is important to get the word of body acceptance out there and the work of cutting edge artists like Martina will help spread the message of body positivity.


Artist Feature Martina Nunes





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