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Getting Back-to-Basics with Exercise

by Diane Williams

Fall is here, which means back to our normal, responsible routines in life after taking a long break to enjoy the summer.

The following are a few misconceptions about starting an exercise program that is just not true.

I have to lift heavy weights

You may think that you have to pick up some weights to reshape your body and get it stronger.

Focus on learning exercises without added weight. Your body weight is often enough to give you an intense workout.

I have to go high-impact

So you think you need to do sprints, burpees, and jumping jacks to get fit? You can go high-intensity without having to jump up and down and do any permanent damage to your joints.

Focus on form rather than go so fast.

I have to find a one-hour block of time in my day

If you’re pressed for time and you cannot block 60 minutes to work out, don’t bag that whole idea of working out for the day. You can do a few minutes all throughout your busy schedule.

Wake-up 7 minutes early and start marching in place.

At work, take a 5-minute break for a walk around the office or walk up and down a flight of stairs.

Shorten your lunch by 10 minutes. That’s enough time to take a brisk walk and do some squats and some resistance exercises.

Think, “Just 5 minutes.” Dance around to your favourite music or walk around the block a few times after dinner.

I have to feel the pain

No, you don’t! What would you like to do for exercise? What appeals to you? Dancing, Swimming, Yoga? Do what you like doing, you will enjoy it pain free!

I have to go to the gym

You don’t have to join a gym to participate in fitness. All you need is a mat, some resistance bands, music, and maybe some workout videos, or head to the great outdoors for a hike or a walk.

There are hundreds of ways to approach fitness your way. Your fitness journey is a process. Be patient and compassionate with yourself, and always listen to your body.


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