Beauty Must-Haves  

5 Makeup essentials every girl needs 

Have you cleaned out your makeup bag lately? Every bag needs a Spring cleaning. Most women have an exploding makeup bag, and not quite sure what to do with all the items. It’s time to refresh, and get back to basics. Trends come and go and can get very confusing, with my 5 Must Haves, you’ll have the basic building blocks. You don’t need to embrace every trend, just pick one to add to your look. 


Must Have #1 – Climate Control 



Must Have #2 – Eye Cream  


Must Have #3 – MakeSene Foundation 



Must Have #4 – LipSense 



Must Have #5 – Mascara  

Remember your skin is a living organ and if you take care of it, you will have a clear and radiant complexion. I love that these products are highly advanced, combing both natural and scientific ingredients, cruelty free, vegan and gluten free.  

My 5 Must Haves will help you put your best face forward, Be BOLD, Be BEAUTIFUL, Be YOU! 


Drupti Glowinkowski 

Esthetician & Professional Makeup Artist 

SeneBlends Certified Makeup Artist 

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