“Let food be your medicine & medicine be your food”- Remember these words? Yeah, you are thinking right. These were the popular words of ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, who is known as father of Western medicine. He often prescribed garlic to treat various health distresses. Well, the modern science has also confirmed innumerable health benefits of garlic and its oil.

Garlic oil is extracted from the bulbs of Allium sativum by using steam distillation extraction method or by crushing and soaking the garlic in a vegetable oil. It is a yellow colored liquid having strong and pungent aroma.  Packed with the powerful therapeutic properties, Garlic oil works magically in treating various health distresses. So, let’s take a look on the benefits of garlic oil.

Popular Benefits of Garlic Oil That You Need To Know

Treat Infections: The oil of garlic is highly beneficial to treat infections due to fungus and bacteria. It contains antibacterial and antifungal medicinal properties. Also, it can be used to treat yeast infections and staph infections.

Tooth Ache: Take a few drops of 100% pure garlic oil on the cotton ball. Apply this on the affected tooth for about 15-20 minutes. Repeat the activity for 2-3 times a day to get quick relief from the toothache.

Dandruff: The oil of garlic is known for treating the dandruff problem. Take unadulterated garlic oil and apply it to your hair for treating flakes and dandruff. Also, it can help you to get rid of dry and itchy scalp. Apply this every week till you get desired results.

Expectorant: Garlic oil has been also renowned from ages as a natural expectorant due to its ability to loosen phlegm for relieving cough, sore throat, runny nose and other kinds of respiratory orders.

Heart Health: The oil is garlic is widely acclaimed for controlling the blood pressure level and lowering down the high blood pressure. It works as a blood thinner that clears the blood vessels, thus avert atherosclerosis.  Not only this, it is also helpful to avoid thrombosis and strokes. It can also lower down the level of blood sugar.

Healthy Hair: Enriched with lots of nutrients, garlic oil helps in boosting the growth of your hair and fight effective against several problems of the scalp. It is a rich source of Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and sulphur which are indispensable for the healthy growth of hair and scalp protection. Also, it prevents hair fall and makes the root of hair stronger. Topically apply the oil of garlic on your hair to see the wonder. Massage your hair and scalp daily with garlic oil before going to bed and see the results within few weeks.


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