Best Nail Ideas for Your Birthday
Your birthday should be just as special of an occasion to have beautiful nails as any other holiday. Learn about the best nail ideas for your birthday here.

When it’s your birthday, it’s your day to shine. While you’re thinking about how to dress up for this occasion, consider what unique nails you can have done compliment your look. Birthday nails encompass many unique and exciting ideas. To make it easier to find what will compliment you, have a look at our list of best nail ideas or your birthday by reading below.

Confetti Cake

You can use multi-colored glitter to create a playful confetti cake look. Start by painting your nails solid white. Find loose glitter that’s all colors of the rainbow and sprinkle it lightly on your nails. Be sure the pieces are spread out enough, so it truly looks like a scrumptious birthday cake.


Everyone deserves to shine on their birthday, and the same goes for your nails. Add some shimmering sparkles to your nails with glitter nail polish in your favorite color. Another fun technique is using loose glitter for a faded effect. Apply more glitter at the tip of your nail and slowly use less, leaving the area by the cuticle nearly free of glitter.

Black and Gold

Black and gold are classic party colors that go with many different outfits. The possibilities are endless when you have them as a nail style. Try black nails with gold tips or vice versa for something simple. Geometric and Art Deco-inspired designs look sophisticated in black and gold.

Faux Nails

One of the best nail ideas for your birthday is faux nails, especially because it ensures you can treat yourself to a relaxing manicure. Faux nails are great for your birthday because they’ll last throughout the celebration. (On average, they tend to last 2-3 weeks before needing a salon visit for touch-ups.)

Zodiac Sign Nails

One of the most fun types of birthday nails are styling them off the color represented by your zodiac sign. As one of the most fitting concepts for nails centered around when you were born, you’ll also look stylish with the perfect color that fits your personality. All you have to do is look up the best nail color for your zodiac sign. This will add a wonderfully personal touch to your look when you’re enjoying your birthday celebration.

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