Body Love 4 All – Non profit feature

Many movements in the modern world are founded by people who have a need that’s not being filled in the marketplace.  That was how Body Love 4 All came about.  The founder of the movement, Laura E. Burns, believes in loving your body – whatever body you are in.  When she looked for others to join her, she found that many existing groups focused on self-improvement and losing weight.  Laura was looking for a movement that embraced the concept of loving who you are and having a happy and positive life.  When she couldn’t find such a group in the United States, she decided to take matters in her own hands and start one herself – Body Love 4 All was born.

The mission is all about gaining confidence in who you are rather than changing who you are to gain confidence.  Everyone has a unique beauty, but this has been put aside in our recent past as society placed the focus on weight as the overriding indicator of wellness.

The new body positive movement has become much more proactive over the last few years and has taken the heart of the matter to the people that matter – the women of this world.  Body Love 4 All is helping women think differently about who they are and what they can achieve.  From a standpoint of being told that they were worthless if they weren’t a size zero, this is a long way forward.

Body Love 4 All has programs that empower people to take control of their own life – especially in the way in which they view themselves.  A feeling of self-worth is engendered in the program by looking at areas such as mindfulness and yoga, and by challenging longstanding definitions of terms like health.  The program gives a feeling of self-worth that brings out the best in people.

Laura was subject to bullying at school because of her weight and heritage, and this experience has helped her forge a strong ethos for Body Love 4 All.  New members take a Love Your Body pledge when joining and it marks the start of their own positive journey.

To learn more about Body Love 4 All visit or find them on facebook and Instagram at @bodylove4all

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