Body Love Project

Photo By: Silvana Denker- Models: Marlin Ozaya, Aurélia Delsipèche, Véronicka De Matos, Clémence Bonnet-Lourtis, Linda Folly, Katia Blevin, Jessika Guehaseim, Dalila Madani

The BodyLove Project. Silvana Denker has fought against her body for the whole of her life. She has seen her weight increase and decrease rapidly many times and has always seen other people’s bodies as something she would like to be. She never really got to grips with her own shape and size when she was younger. It took her years to realize that the body was just what carried the person around.

Silvana has seen the way that women are viewed and judged by society and by each other. She wanted to do something about it, because she didn’t want others to go through the emotions she faced when she was younger.


Body Love Project

Photo By: Silvana Denker- Models: Kengie Smith, Quan Michelle, Jemsika Mirabito, Fania Million, Tatiana Lewis, Suzanne Fatta, Mona Jean-Baptiste, Davinnia Fonsera

This is how The BodyLove Project was born. It all started with a single letter.

Silvana has grown this one letter into a movement that helps women understand that their self-worth is more than a number on the scales. One of the overriding features of Silvana’s work is that she features models of all shapes and sizes. She’s experienced many different body shapes herself in the past and wants the BodyLove Project to make people feel great about themselves no matter their size. She sets her project against the bullying and shaming that people perpetrate against women. Against anyone that is deemed too fat, too thin, too anything.


Body Love Project

Photo By: Silvana Denker- Models: Keenan Williams, Tamara Unterschuetz, Ashley Brynn Tsoi, Carey Noakes, Anna Chapman,

She hopes her project will protect other women from everything she has gone through. She now has a charity calendar featuring curvy models, a social media presence that is promoting body positivity. And a message she gets out there via the press in her native county of Germany.

Body Love Project

Photo By: Silvana Denker- Models: Irene Porter, Penélope Peguero, Nuria Belert, Magdalena del Rio, Jasmine

Silvana’s influence and presence goes beyond the borders of her own country – she has followers from all over the globe. She’s seen so much positivity and support for her project, and so much love for a message that we can all learn from.

Body Love Project

Photo By: Silvana Denker


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