Body Positive Day 3- Nettle’s Tale

Nettle's Tale

nettle's tale

Over here at Nettle’s Tale Swimwear we love body positivity. We love it because it’s a movement created and self-determined by women who want to embrace everything about themselves.

nettle's tale

We love it because it’s taught us to be kinder to our bodies and work towards self-love instead of self-hate. And we especially love it because body positivity is intersectional and includes you, us, and everyone else in between.

But more than just a face value appreciation, the body positivity movement has inspired us to design swimsuits that hug and embrace all of our folds and curves; swimsuits that make us excited to hit the beach and flaunt what our momma’s gave us.

nettle's tale

We are committed to building a brand that prioritizes authenticity and inclusivity; these values are weaved into all of our processes. The women who inspired each suit design are the ones who model it, and their bodies are photographed exactly as is – never photoshopped away. We choose to use models who are not models at all; just everyday women, often customers, friends, or willing family members. Nettle’s Tale’s swimsuits are also offered in a wide range of sizes, for a variety of body shapes, ensuring that you can find a suit to rock when you need it.

Our hope is that you can feel included in what we’re doing here; that we can grow to represent you and your swimsuit needs in some small way. As our company grows, we will continue to centre the voices of our customers. In this way we pursue the reality that our brand can represent all types of women living beautiful lives in all types of bodies.

nettle's tale


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