Body Positive Week Day 4- Yona New York

Yona New York

Positivity can be used to battle many different situations in life. As a plus size woman’s brand we know that the number one element that needs to be fought by our customers is their “ideals” about their bodies. Women’s bodies are all made differently. No two women are the same, and isn’t that wonderful? How boring would the world be without diversity? Yona New York will always encourage women to embrace their bodies, but more importantly embrace what is on the inside.

Yona New York

The beauty of a women is so much more than their bodies. They are intelligent, resilient, funny, brave, and strong. The body we happen to have that displays us to the world does not interfere with these qualities. No matter your size you are going to remain a phenomenal woman.

Yona New York

Here at Yona New York we want to make every woman feel comfortable as who she is. We don’t want to push her past her comfort zones, or make people only see her body. We are here to highlight the curvy woman’s beauty without making that be what people remember about her. We want her charm and intellect to be how she is remembered. Yona New York doesn’t just want to celebrate women’s bodies we want to celebrate women, for the complex, sophisticated, amazing people they are. Once we start to embrace ourselves as we are, there is nothing that we can’t overcome.

Yona New YorkYona New York



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