Sarah Vance

As a Body Image Coach, I help women ditch diet-culture and accept their bodies as is. In a world that is constantly upholding one body as ideal and acceptable, I help other’s break free from that mentality. By teaching other women that their worth isn’t dependent on their appearance, but inherent from who they are, they begin show up in the world knowing they are enough. Each time someone does the work to dismiss diet-culture and free themselves from the chains of fatphobia, they are adding to the greater purpose of body positivity which is the liberation of all bodies. I truly believe that each of us is more powerful than we realize. If we all band together and collectively work against a system that actively harms all of us –  we do have the power to change the world. Our legacy is so much more than fitting into the small box that is currently thought to be ideal, and more than the myth that beauty is our sole purpose.

As a coach, I help women initially reject the diet mentality which has its purpose in uplifting one body shape, weight, and size.  As we continue moving forward in our work, I help them discover that who they are – as a person – is enough and worthy of respect, compassion, and kindness. This is done through examining the narrative that our culture has fed us around bodies, and shifting those beliefs to not be based on the thin ideal, but based in truth that all bodies are good bodies. We actively work on challenging the narrative that only one body is a good body by acknowledging body diversity and seeing beauty in the diverse range of bodies that exist in the world – and that includes theirs.

It has been my experience that when a single woman is liberated from body-hate and diet obsession that they have more space in their lives to help other’s feel the same freedom. Through this trickling effect, we are creating a new legacy where we celebrate all bodies, and more importantly all people. Because we are more than our bodies.

Sarah vance


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