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You know those women…the ones with all the confidence?  They walk into a room and light it up!  People gravitate towards them like they’re sunshine.  And the way they speak and move and hold themselves…damn, you’d like some of that!

Sophia Apostol

So, what’s stopping you?

As a Confidence Coach, I help women tap into the confidence that lives inside of them.  It’s there, but it’s been pushed down by body shame, diet culture, and self judgements.

Clients come to me because they’re allowing the size of their body to negatively impact their life.  They’re skipping social gatherings, not taking family photos, refusing to be seen in a bathing suit, not traveling, not dating, not enjoying intimacy with their partners, not setting boundaries with family…and the list goes on and on.

sophia apostle


These women are frustrated because they know they’re holding themselves back, but they don’t know how to stop it.  They want to date and take full-body pictures and feel sexy, but they aren’t sure how to silence the judgement long enough to do so.  That’s why we partner together and work on healing the feelings of shame, embarrassment, and resistance.

As a Certified Coach who has studied leadership and neuroscience, there are tools and exercises that I share and the clients practice.  This work isn’t easy, but there is ease as the clients begin to feel pulled towards body confidence and body positivity.  My greatest wish is for all women to feel connected to their authenticity and make empowered choices.  When we do that, we become magnetic and confident, and we begin living our best life as the best versions of ourselves.  Let’s #GrabLifeByTheLoveHandles!

One of the boldest moves I made on my body positive journey was to have a boudoir photo shoot, and I’m proud to share the pics with you.

Sophia Apostol

You can find me at, on Facebook at Sophia Apostol Coaching, and on Instagram @Coach_Sophia.

Sophia Apostol, MLIS, CPCC

Life Coach. Confidence Consultant.

Leadership Developer. Creator of Predictable Magic.


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