BodyLove Campaign in Canada After 35 Stops 

body love

BodyLove is a photo campaign created by Silvana Denker in 2015 and has been done 35 times in cities in Germany, Europe, the US and Canada. 

Silvana Denker, 34 years old, is a German photographer, curvy model and body positive activist. For years she has been working for well known labels, magazines and designers. Innumerable appearances in different media have made her one of the best known faces within the German plus size industry and even across the borders.  

body love With different campaigns, photo series and appearance in media she fights for a realistic view on the human body and against bullying and body shaming, she speaks out for more tolerance and acceptance towards all people, no matter what size, shape, gender, age, skin color, etc. 

With the calendar CURVeveS she started her own charity project to support a German breast cancer research organization. The calendar shows curvy women who demonstrate that beauty comes in all sizes. With the photo series „Metallic Curves“ and „Pitch Black“ in which she sculptured curvy women’s bodies with gold and silver body painting or liquid latex color she gained worldwide attention, too. 

body love For the last three years Silvana has been bringing her BodyLove campaign to the world and made people request it to come to their cities, too. She wants to show real people of every age, gender, shape, size (not only plus size!), with or without tattoos, with or without disability, just as they are. She takes pictures of 8-9 people in a row only wearing black underwear in pedestrian areas, on signature spots or in front of well known monuments like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Colosseum in Rome or in Times Square, New York. On the participants’ bellies the word BODYLOVE is written (sometimes with a hashtag in the beginning). 

 With her sponsor, German plus size retailer Happy Size, she was able to visit 35 cities during the last 3 years. Media around the world reported and still report about the campaign ( and still individuals and various organizations frequently seek the campaign for their cities around the world. 

With stop 35 she finally made her way to Canada. On Sept, 27th the BodyLove campaign took part on two spots in Montreal. With 8 women and one man she first took the pictures with an amazing view of the city in the background. Later the campaign emerged under the 

„Rainbow Balls“ art installation on Saint Catherines’ street. 9 people just in black underwear in the middle of the street drew a lot of attention so that many people stopped by to take pictures and sparked conversations with the participants and Silvana herself. 

 body love

It was an amazing experience for all who took part and a big thank you goes out to the city of Montreal for being so nice and embracing. 

Follow the link for all pictures of the campaign shoot in Montreal:–njbGGbmrXKa?dl=0 

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