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I started Mighty Petunia business because, secretly, I’m a badass. When I’m lifting weights, I want AC/DC blasting. I want to lift heavier than the person next to me. But some days that little voice in my head isn’t havin’ it. That voice doubts me. So to strengthen that voice I work it out like my muscles. That’s why the messages on Mighty Petunia apparel are bold, direct, and don’t mess around. They’re tough, convincing and leave no doubt who’s in charge.

So, if you’re already a badass, or working on being one, give Mighty Petunia motivational apparel a try. It will make a difference. Oh, and one of the things that makes the voice in my head really cranky is when my workout clothes are uncomfortable. Only soft, comfy fabrics make the cut to be a Mighty Petunia. That makes my inner voice really happy.

And I’m all about that.

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Name: Cathy Gainer

Founder, Mighty Petunia


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