Delores Gray Ford

Delores Gray Ford is the CEO of Brick House Wellness, and in 2015 was crowned Ms. Curvy Elite National Lifetime Queen for Today’s International Woman pageant. Delores had never considered entering a beauty pageant, but when the pageant’s director reached out to her on Facebook after seeing her pictures, she got involved.

Delores Ford

Congratulations on recently being crowned Ms. Curvy Elite Lifetime National Queen with Today’s International Woman Pageant. Why don’t you take a minute to tell us a little bit about your story and how this all came to be.

Well in 2014 the Director Jeralynn Anders contacted me via Facebook, regarding my pictures, she informed me of who she was and she thought I would be great in the pageant , I really did not believe her and I am very leery of things I see on the social media, she contacted me several times before I responded . When I found out that it was really a real Pageant I did not hesitate to get involved, it was my first time ever being part of a beauty pageant, this pageant is different it’s based on a ministry to empower women. When the director told me God called her to speak to me that I am not living my Purpose I had to get involved so in 2015 embarked on a wonderful journey. In 2015 I won Ms. Curvy Elite and just got out in my community and start working my Crown, parades, radio shows along with my fitness class and my platform which is being an advocate for the Rape Crisis Center here in Cleveland Ohio. Helping to other people is something that I have always loved to do, now it’s my passion because I am helping and empowering others to grow.

What are your plans during your reign?

My plans are to create programs for my community. Currently, I am working on a project regarding literacy for 2nd graders. I am also working on a project to assist the community with finding and keeping employment, working with re-entry, homelessness and mental illness.

You also have quite a few other things on the go – You are a Zumba Instructor, Business Owner, etc. Tell us about these and the other things you currently have on the go.

I started my business Brick House Wellness. I decided to get my certifications in Zumba and teach it regularly. Then, with my business, I wanted to incorporate the whole Holistic approach using all natural herbs to heal from the inside out.

Fitness is a large part of your life – why is it so important for women to be active?

It very important to be active because it helps in your overall wellbeing. I have learned that when I work out, I feel good. We release the good hormones that make us happy, not only that, working out especially Zumba you are working every part of your muscle group along with your heart. Working helps you feel better, look better and slow down aging.

Delores FordWould you encourage other women to enter into pageants and if so, why?

I think it depends on what your interests are, with me the moment she spoke about my purpose and what I wasn’t doing, I took a chance. I think it just depends on what your interest is. There are so many different types of pageants its best to research.

When did you begin to embrace your own curves? Can you share with us about your own personal journey to self-love and body acceptance?

I began to embrace my curves after a really bad relationship. This person was really abusing me with verbal attacks and I had to get my life together once I left. I started changing how I was thinking of myself and I started working out and the rest is history.

Why do you think it is so important to share our stories with others?

Our stories help to empower others and it also let others know that they are not alone.

What are some tips you can give to women with curves who are just starting their body positive journey?

I would say to love on yourself every day, with positive quotes, remove toxic people out of your life and to change your way of thinking. Change how you view others and start to care for yourself healthwise.

What are your plans for the future, what else do you hope to take on?

My future plans are to continue on with Brick House Wellness and to create empowering programs in my community

FabUplus is the only body positive health, fitness and lifestyle PRINT magazine with weight neutral content specifically dedicated to women with curves. What are your thoughts on this new media platform for the plus sized community?

I truly think it is wonderful. Every woman needs a platform to see themselves in another light. This magazine helps to build esteem and let others know that curvy women are healthy, smart, and Beautiful.


Delores Gray Ford
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