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dating and relationshipsAh, winter; cold nights and body heat, copious amounts of sinful food, and an occasion to channel our positive vibes and love to shower upon those closest to our hearts. As with most good things, there are some negatives; stress, finances, work, weight gain… The key is controlling the negatives and not letting them control you.  

Although the holidays are considered a time to focus on others, it should never be at your own emotional or physical expense. Nobody likes a cranky and fatigued lover. The best gift you can give a loved one is a healthy, happy you: mind, body, and soul. 

Find your emotional exhale. It could be five minutes on a park bench, reading a juicy novel, or a nice, hot bubble bath. One of my go-to’s is for both the mind and soul: I like to spend 10-30 minutes in my church’s chapel, daily, when possible. Where else can you find that kind of uninterrupted quiet time while keeping in touch with your spirituality? 

Let’s talk about physical health. Contrary to what many believe, being healthy doesn’t have to mean being stick-thin, or involve dieting and weight loss; you can be both plus-sized and healthy. Yoga, for example, is wonderful emotional and physical therapy. Drop your self-consciousness and try it; it’s nothing like a dreaded vigorous workout at the gym. This is coming from a man who in 40 years has never been athletic, and before yoga, I couldn’t even touch my toes (seriously). Yoga has increased my flexibility and muscle tone, and relaxed my mind, body, and soul leading to some incredibly restful sleep.  

Try weaning yourself from social media and TV. We’ve all done the perpetual scroll, or stared at the TV for hours complaining that there’s nothing on. Turn it off and turn your head off. If only we had a “Control, Alt, Delete” option for our brains! Get outside. Walk, hike, bike, dine alfresco, and don’t forget to make love. 

xo Johnny 

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