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Comfort in my Closet by Amber Mikaelsson – FabUplus Magazine

Comfort in my Closet by Amber Mikaelsson

Comfort in My Closets by Rotating Seasonal Wardrobes for Sanity 

Written by: Amber Mikaelsson 

Photography Credits: Krista Elise Photography  

Here in northern Alberta, having a four-season wardrobe is not just necessary, it is a survival strategy. Having a system to organize and store the pieces you don’t need for months at a time can help declutter your home while ensuring you have the coziest, comfiest cooler months possible.    

Photography Credits: Krista Elise Photography  

Ask any Canadian, being properly layered for the weather is an art form, and one we start learning at a young age.  All these layers add up to a lot of clothing. One way I like to prepare for winter is to make room for all the cozy pieces of my wardrobe, while storing away the summer pieces.     

Rotating our warmer and cooler wardrobes in our closets is also a great chance to purge, donating or gifting the pieces that no longer fit properly for our bodies, styles, or lives. If I haven’t worn a piece over the last full season, it can probably make someone else happier and no longer needs space in my closet or life.    

Photography Credits: Krista Elise Photography  

The season shifting is an opportunity to refresh our home and outlook: the clothing, toys, and tools we need to take care of ourselves, and our household, change as the weather does. Recognizing this and making the time and space for the changes can go a long way to bring comfort to the new season.

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