Common Winter Skin Problems and How To Treat Them

We all want beautiful, vibrant, and healthy skin, but certain times of the year make this endeavor more difficult than others. Winter is one such season. Its drier, more frigid climate deprives the skin of many essential nutrients and building blocks, and it also tends to cause more lasting damage. Fortunately, by being aware of some common winter skin problems and knowing how to treat them, you can protect your complexion and rise above these temporary challenges.

Dry and Scaling Patches

Dryness is the number one issue that winter weather causes. This is because the lack of humidity in the air saps the moisture from your skin cells. Dry skin is weaker and much more susceptible to damage, and it has the potential to develop red, scaled patches if left unaddressed. Using thicker moisturizing products as a part of your daily skin care routine can really help with this by locking in that much-needed hydration.

Acne Breakouts

Acne breakouts are also common winter skin problems because dryness can cause the skin to overcompensate by generating excessive amounts of oil. This substance, otherwise known as sebum, is meant to keep the skin hydrated. However, too much of it can clog surface pores and result in the growth of pimples. Whiteheads are especially prevalent this time of year, and you may need to take special care to correct them. Some treatment options include using salicylic acid to break up the oils.

Winter Eczema

Dryness can lead to the development of rashes such as eczema as well. This condition flares up when a person’s skin comes into contact with something that irritates it. For many people, this could be allergens or even the texture of certain clothing. Low humidity levels and temperatures are other major triggers because they rob already-sensitive areas of the hydration they need to remain strong. You can also treat these rashes by using think moisturizers, though you should reach out to your dermatologist to determine another course of action if your symptoms persist.

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