Feel Better, Look Better: How Confidence Changes Your Appearance

Kristen Youngs


Have you ever done something you were proud of, only to find yourself walking with your head held just a little higher than it was before?  

Maybe you nailed that presentation at work, or just pushed yourself through a new fitness class, and walked away feeling lighter on your feet – with a new pep to your step.  

That feeling you get from accomplishing a task or trying something new – that’s confidence. 

You might not realize it, and that inner lift might not stick around forever, but in that moment, you were confident. What’s more, you showed it.   

That subconscious shift in your attitude changed the way you walked, held yourself, and approached life, even if it was just momentarily. 

The question is how to make those moments last. How do you feel confident in order to look confident (and we all know how sexy confidence is)? 

How do you make those moments of standing tall, your head held high, and a smile on your face more of a norm, rather than a fleeting moment? 

The answer: Start small. 

Acknowledge yourself when you do something nice for yourself. Love your body by wearing clothes that fit. Smile at the people you interact with and let your personality shine. 

People see you the way you see yourself.  

Beauty is on the inside, but if you don’t let it out, no one else will be lucky enough to experience it. 

By acknowledging yourself for the achievements you make and being unapologetic for every quirk and unique trait you possess, the rest of the world will get a glimpse of your real self. 

As soon as you start showing your confidence, no matter how small or insignificant you might think it is, the world will begin to see the real you. 

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