Creating Change in the Changing Room by Lorna Ketler  

Owner and Lead Bodacious Enthusiast at Bodacious Lifestyles Inc. 


We all shop for different reasons. My reasons change with the occasion, my mood or who I’m with. What I really want to know, though, is what are you paying attention to when you shop?

We all know the rules of fashion, body types, colours! We’ve heard and read them so many times we can recite them in our sleep. We’re bombarded every day with magazine covers telling us what’s good/bad and right/wrong in fashion and with our bodies. And we’re also now happily seeing most of those rules debunked.

I’m here to plant a different seed for you…

The most important thing when it comes to fashion is how you feel when you put on the clothes. You create your style. You make it your own. Do you know how you feel? Do you know what you desire on your body? Do you know what lights you up on the outside?

Many women, especially if you wear a size 14 or above, have had at least one poor or negative shopping experience. Lack of options is brutal to finding your own style. I’ve also heard heart-breaking stories about unwelcoming, unhelpful or downright rude staff who can shut down your experience before it even starts.

One thing I’d recommend to anyone who wants to feel the difference is, find a beautiful store that feels welcoming, take some time and play.  Be clear with the staff what your needs are.  

“I can’t wear dresses!”. Hmmm…I know you can.

“I can’t show my arms!” Again, yep! It’s allowed and encouraged. The only one who is really looking and judging your arms is you.

You deserve to feel beautiful because you are! Find at least one special thing that lights you up and makes you feel it. Whether you’re a thrift store, consignment, big box or boutique shopper.  Shopping isn’t a serious business. It should be fun and celebratory! I celebrate you!

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