Snapping a photo in front of a cake is OK, and taking pictures of numbered balloons is fine. However, these options are boring. Bring excitement back to birthday shoot sessions with fresh selections. Check out these creative birthday photo shoot ideas to offer at your studio.

24k Magic Shoot

Bruno Mars’ 24k Magic album is more than a collection of amazing songs; it’s also an idea for a 24th birthday photo shoot. Recreate the album cover and bring in fun props like gold chains, a satin pajama set, and a stack of (fake) money! After a few snapshots, you will see why this fun idea is the best. Don’t forget to play the album during the shoot to set the mood.

Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving

Thirty, flirty, and thriving is another creative birthday photo shoot idea you can offer at your studio. Inspired by the 2004 romantic comedy 13 Going on 30, Jenna Rink wishes she could speed past her teen years and fast forward to “thirty, flirty, and thriving.”

You can recreate scenes from the movie for this photo shoot and have your photo subject wear Jenna’s iconic outfit. After all, what’s better than the colorful Y2K dress? This photo shoot idea is excellent for anyone ready to greet their 30s in style!

1st Birthday Fun

First birthdays are memorable for parents, and you can give them an awesome reminder of this time with a photo shoot! Of course, kids aren’t the easiest photo subjects, but there’s a way to grab a child’s attention. A cake smash photo shoot lets kids preoccupy their hands and brings smiles all around! You need cake and an adorable backdrop for a cake smash photo shoot. Snap photos of the child giggling and sticking their hand in a yummy cake.

Bridgerton Inspired

You can create a Bridgerton-inspired photo shoot in your studio. The Netflix show enticed its audience with its regency-era costumes, juicy storyline, and beautiful setting. And fans want more of the show! You can give into the demand with a Bridgerton-style shoot. Grab a regency-era backdrop, fancy cake, and intricate costume jewelry. Like the show, this photo shoot is a sure hit!

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