Wouldn’t it be nice to add square footage to every room when it’s beginning to feel cramped? We can dream, right? There are creative solutions that homeowners and renters can use to make their space feel larger, and none of them involve tearing down walls.

Use Lighter Colors

Cooler hues in furniture and paint create a light, airy, spacious room. They make the space feel open due to their reflective properties; you’re maximizing light’s natural effects, whereas dark tones absorb light and make the room feel smaller.

Off-white, greens, and blues are the ideal shades to provide the optimum effect. Also, paint the trim a lighter color than the walls to make them appear further back. Your space will feel more open and airy when you do.

Clear Out Clutter

When you have a smaller space, clutter easily overwhelms the rooms. We’re not talking about yesterday’s mail sitting on the coffee table or toys lying around. Clutter can be too many pieces of furniture crammed into one room. Create a space for each item; this habit will help keep you organized and clutter-free.

Avoid placing too many bins around the floor. Instead, hang baskets or shelving to stay organized. Additionally, opt for one large painting or family portrait over having many small ones to keep the walls from looking cluttered.

Keep Things Simple

Less is more when it comes to small spaces. Don’t overcrowd furniture, patterns, and possessions into one tiny room. Busy patterns on the walls or chairs will overwhelm the area. If you like a specific design, use it only one time. For example, if there’s a wallpaper you love, use it for an accent wall and keep the other sides bright and breezy. If you fall in love with a patterned chair, ensure the rest of the furniture is neutral.

Be intentional with the items you add to a small room. For example, purposefully hang the curtains higher to mimic high ceilings, and opt for light and airy curtains to allow natural light to shine through.

The bottom line is that there are plenty of creative solutions to make your space feel larger. Use these ideas to create a bright and airy room you can enjoy without feeling cramped.

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