Regardless of whether you’re gifting jewelry to a loved one or friend, presenting it in a less than ideal way can take away from its impact. While there’s nothing wrong with handing over a jewelry box or a wrapped package, there’s always room for more creative ways to present jewelry as a gift.

Hide It in Another Gift

Two gifts are better than one! You can give jewelry with another gift as a two-for-one bundle by placing it inside a larger present or using it as a holder. You can also buy a gift related to the jewelry to give the recipient a hint of what’s to come. For example, you can give your significant other a picture book with a personalized necklace as a gift. You can hide the jewelry piece between the book’s pages to commemorate the relationship.

Use the Element of Surprise

Usually, people expect gifts on specific days, such as birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries. However, no concrete rule states that you have to wait until that day to give your recipient their present. For example, you can gift them a unique piece of jewelry in the morning if you have plans later in the day to throw them off.

Create a Scavenger Hunt

You can always hide a gift and have the recipient find it in a hunt. You might want to make a game out of it by giving them verbal clues or writing cues down on a sheet of paper. This option can take more prep work if you want the recipient to search in multiple stopping points.

Hide It in Plain Sight

If presenting the jewelry yourself intimidates you, have no fear. You can always opt to place the gift in an area of the house the giftee frequents. To illustrate, you can put it in the cupboard if they get a cup of their favorite coffee every morning.

Up Your Wrapping Game

If you’re not one for theatrics, you can always turn to gift wrapping. However, there are other ways to wrap your gift besides settling for wrapping paper and tape. You can use a paper map of a place of sentimental value to cover the present. You can use fabric or chalkboard paper as well. Alternatively, you can decorate a box yourself for a thoughtful presentation.

If you’re unsure how to make your gift-giving experience stand out, you can try these creative ways to present jewelry gifts that can result in an exciting time!

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