Now is the perfect time to upgrade your space! With fall right around the corner, you’ll need a space to host bonfires or just have your girlfriends over for a wine night. There are plenty of creative ways to upgrade your outdoor space, so let’s get started!

New Flooring

A great way to upgrade your outdoor space is by switching it up with fresh flooring. There are many materials that’ll easily make your patio or front porch pop! These materials can be:

  • Brick or concrete
  • Limestone
  • Stone

There are many other materials you can use, but the above materials are great for strong foundations that you can build upon. Keep in mind that if you decide to install new flooring, you’ll want to install it in all of your outdoor spaces to keep a consistent style and tone!

Trendy Furniture

The first thing that people look for when entering a space is a spot to sit down and get comfortable. Pick a color scheme and then start picking out furniture that matches your awesome style! You’ll definitely want the basics, such as:

  • A Couch (nice and comfy!)
  • Coffee table (somewhere to place your Moscato)
  • Table big enough to fit guests (for all your fun parties!)

Comfortable furniture is essential to creating an outdoor oasis for you and your guests. Start looking into what kind of furniture you want to build your new space with! Even front porches can have a nice table and chair set to add to that curb appeal. Painting your current furniture with splash of fresh color can do wonders for giving your space some personality!

Fun Accessories

Continue the fun with choosing what accessories you want to decorate your new space with. Let’s be honest, accessories is what really makes look chic. If you want to go the extra mile and make your patio something the whole neighborhood talks about (in a good way!), you can install new realistic steel fire pit logs so you don’t have to throw new logs in every 20 minutes to keep the fire going!

You can also plant flowers around your outdoor area to truly beautify it and make it stand out.

Lighting is also an important aspect of making your outdoor space an extra comfortable area. You can illuminate your space by using a combination of string lights and LED lighting to create visibility and more value.

Any renovated outdoor space adds instant curb appeal and value to your home. Now that you’ve learned some creative ways to upgrade your outdoor space, you’re ready to start picking out your favorite colors, furniture, and lighting you want to add!

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