Curvy Body Paint Campaign

Marcus R. Harris got into photography because he was tired of depending on other photographers to take pictures of the music artists he managed. From there he expanded into the fashion world and his Body Paint Campaign.

“I am really a lover of art and the different ways you can create visuals. I saw an artist do a live painting at a party, and I thought it would be great to do art on a human canvas and then take some great pics of it.”

For his photo shoots, Marcus says he usually uses different body types, different nationalities, and different genders. “Everyone has some type of flaw, I just make the flaw look better – that’s what my company ReBrand stands for.”

Marcus says, “Doing artwork with curvy girls can be a little more fun… I like to wow people by doing a shoot most people think only a slim model can pull off but when they see the alternate version with a curvy girl they are way more excited.”

Marcus’s advice to readers? “I hope nothing stops you from doing what you want to do no matter what side of the camera you are on.”

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