The Curvy Confidence Coach – Natalie Baack

Natalie Baack has suffered with self-confidence issues all her life. She grew up in Ottawa, Canada and always loved the movies, so when an opportunity arose for her to work in the movie industry in New York she jumped at the chance. It was a stressful, fast-paced job but was one she loved. She put in long hours to try to prove herself and keep up but ended up in hospital with exhaustion. She put a lot of this down to her weight and felt a great deal of shame with her body. As she built up her own confidence and learned to love the body she was in, Natalie wanted to share what she learned with others and so she became an eating psychology coach. One of her passions is to get others to feel good enough about themselves to wear a bikini. This is a big leap for many women of all shapes and sizes. 

Photography by: Edrea Lara

The fact that Natalie Baack spends time with all of her clients on a one to one basis means that she is able to offer a level of support that breeds confidence. She offers a 6-week program that ends in a Bikini Breakthrough Day where women finally reach that point where they get out in a bikini. For many women, this is the first time they have ever worn a bikini. Natalie has a large degree of pride in her part in that journey.

Photography by: Edrea Lara


Photography by: Edrea Lara

Natalie has been on that journey herself. She did a photo shoot with a friend who is a photographer and this is all part of the service now. Women go through a lot in the 6 weeks prior to the photographs being taken so that they are psychologically ready to face the camera in an outfit that strikes fear in the heart of many women.

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