Whether you want to emphasize your already long figure or add a couple of illusive inches to your petite height, turn to fashion to help you out. There are plenty of different fashion styles that can make you look taller without requiring 6-inch platform boots (although the thought is tempting!). Read on to discover which chic styles can lengthen your look.

Maxi Dresses

If you’re looking for a trendy and comfy addition to your wardrobe that elongates your figure, maxi dresses are where it’s at. Because of their continuous color and pattern, maxi dresses can make you appear taller. On top of elongating your frame, there are so many advantages of wearing maxi dresses in the summer, like their versatility and coverage from the sun.

Vertically Striped Anything

Fashion, art, interior design—a whole variety of industries employ vertical stripes to make figures appear taller than they truly are. Vertical lines draw the eye to the entire length of your body, highlighting—and, in some cases, exaggerating—every vertical inch.

Flowy pants are a popular summer clothing item for incorporating vertically striped fashion because they’re breezy and comfortable, but you can still dress them up. Vertically striped bodysuits and blouses are also a hit for those looking to accentuate their length.

High-Waisted Bottoms

“Mom jeans” aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and thank goodness for that. High-waisted pants are flattering for several reasons, one of them being that they make you appear taller.

In their own unique way, high-waisted trousers and jeans give you the illusion of longer legs since they button up around your waist. They make the perfect companion to any leotard or crop top waiting in your closet.

Go Monochromatic

Topping off our list of different fashion styles that can make you look taller are monochromatic looks. When you wear an outfit where each piece consists of the same underlying color, it doesn’t “break up” your silhouette into sections as differently colored and textured pieces tend to do. Not only are monochromatic fits bold and eye-catching fashion statements, but they also form a fluid line of color from head to toe, emphasizing and establishing your height.

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