I spent three years in eating disorder treatment. I realized this information should be available to anyone that struggles with self-worth or body acceptance. Here are some truths from treatment that have changed my relationship with my body.
1. Diets & Weight Loss will not change how you feel about yourself if you are not happy to begin with.
For fifteen years, I convinced myself weight loss would be my answer to happiness. No amount of weight loss satisfied me. Why? Because I never resolved my core issues. Until you dig deep and figure out why you can not feel satisfied in the body you have
right now- you will not be happy at any weight.
2. Exercise is for enjoyment, not for compensation.
When I was younger, I remember playing outside for hours. As soon as I learned what exercise was, it turned from play to exercise, and from fun to a workout. Exercise is grown-up play, not a measure of calories, heart rate, and minutes. Find an exercise you
enjoy, something that makes you grateful for your body, and allows yourself to play again.
3. What you see in the mirror is not what other people see.
Most people do not acknowledge their best qualities that their friends and family see. Be a little more kind and compassionate to yourself and take a turn looking at your self from someone else’s point of view.
4. Not all weight loss is healthy, not all weight gain is bad.
We put emphasis on praising weight loss and shaming ourselves for weight gain. However, you are so much more than your physical body. Weight is not an indicator of health, beauty, and an indicator of having an eating disorder.
5. You start to heal when you talk about your imperfections.
In treatment, everything is out on the table – all your imperfections, secrets, and fears. You can’t get away from them, which is the way it’s designed, because you start to feel better the more you share. Build a strong support system around you, be vulnerable, and be accepting to others as well as yourself.
By: Susan Kotwas
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