Refreshing yourself can look different for everyone. Everybody has their own set of unique day-to-day challenges, which means the way you cope and reboot will look different. Here’s an easy list of effective and creative ways to rejuvenate!


Self-care is a general term for things you do that make you feel good about yourself. Typically, this can mean getting a fresh hairdo, receiving a facial, manicures, or pedicures. Whatever it looks like for you, consider dedicating time to this process.

If you opt for a new hairdo, you may want to shed layers. But another option is adding layers with extensions. A trim often reboots you, but so can new depth and volume. There are various styles of extensions, so work with your stylist to find the best fit for your self-care goals.

Digital Detox

When you spend too much time in front of screens, you lose sight of the world around you, and that includes your well-being. This is a challenging task, given much of what you accomplish in a day stems from something digital.

Consider setting limits on your device usage while at home. Or, if you feel your social applications contribute to anxious feelings, feel free to step away for a few days or weeks and pick up a different hobby.


A way to fill time, should you decide to take a digital detox, is journaling. This can be a daily practice or a weekly thing, but it’s an opportunity to use pen and paper and dump your thoughts. Sometimes when you can physically see your thoughts staring back at you, it helps shed light on the areas with the most kinks.

You can dedicate a specific journal to your process, and each entry can be a compilation of words, doodles, or both. Whatever helps you brain dump, you should do it! This is an excellent opportunity to spark creativity and use your imagination.

Create a Routine

An effective and creative way to rejuvenate can come from creating and implementing a routine. Whether in the morning or before bed, these new implementations can make all the difference in your overall wellness.

When you establish a routine, you grow accustomed to this life balance, and it provides an opportunity to take care of yourself, set up the day, or wind down.


A commonly known way to reboot and refresh is through movement. A brisk walk, 30 minutes on the bike, or yoga contribute to daily activity. The best part is there’s no right or wrong way to do it.

Finding a way to circulate blood flow and release endorphins can create happy feelings and motivation. This is also something you can add to a new routine you create, which gives you the chance to get a two for one.

The overwhelming feelings often settle in when you haven’t taken any time to stop and smell the roses. No matter what keeps you busy and restless, finding small ways to rejuvenate can make your world seem a little brighter!

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