Melissa Lynn Tarrani 

Photo: Samantha Ruh

Melissa Lynn Tarrani was hard on herself when she was younger.  In school, she felt like she didn’t fit in and the other kids gave her a hard time.  She felt that she wasn’t good enough.  Unfortunately, this is the way that many kids make others feel. 

In a quest to fit in and feel good about herself, Melissa went on a fitness kick and visited the gym every single day.  She lost 80 pounds in all and thought that this was the key to happiness.  She looked great and felt better about herself in many ways.  

Photo: Samantha Ruh

However, when college hit, it changed her life as it does for many people.  For Melissa, the added pressure of going to college meant that she stopped going to the gym and put most of that weight back on.  That led to her fearing that she was back on the outside and feeling really low about herself again.  She could have easily slipped into depression about her weight gain but Melissa decided that this was the person she was.  She decided to love her body for what it was.  Her curves were part of who she was and Melissa finally understood that she was beautiful in her own way.  She then and has since surrounded herself with amazing people that love her for who she is, not what she looks like. 

Photo: Samantha Ruh

Having shared her journey with the world so that others can feel positive about the way they look, Melissa garnered quite a following on social media.  Embracing who you are is a big step in life for many people.  Melissa’s story serves as a reminder to others that there is something positive and loving on the other side of self-acceptance.  She herself has long ago stopped being so harsh on herself and lives her life with the message that she is beautiful.  Let it be your message too! 

Instagram:  xoxo_melisss

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