Fashion Dos!: Stripes 

Written By Elizabeth McGuffin of With Wonder and Whimsy  

Stripes have a long history as a fashion don’t for fear of “looking bigger”.  Still, others argue they make you look thinner.  Why does it even matter?  Like any other print, stripes should be accessible to everyone, and dressing “thinner” should not be the goal of fashion.  Instead of obsessing over whether you should wear stripes, just try wearing them!  Sample a variety of styles to find the ones that appeal to you:  Thick and thin, monochrome and colorful, horizontal and vertical – you have options.  Try pairing them with favorite pieces from your closet to build up your confidence that Yes, you can wear stripes!  If you’re comfortable and used to seeing yourself in all the other components of your outfit, then maybe the stripes won’t feel so intimidating.  After all, stripes can look retro, Parisian chic, preppy, and quirky.  Why exclude yourself from experimenting with all these different looks?  See how fashion bloggers take on stripes in these stylish springtime ensembles: 

plus fashionCynthia of Flight of the Fat Girl layers a striped bandeau under a solid jumpsuit for a pop of print. What a great way to wear stripes in small doses and add whimsy to a look! 






plus fashionThamarr of Musings of a Curvy Lady dons sherbet-colored stripes in this sporty springtime look. Juicy hues and playful accessories keep it fun!






plus fashionTanesha of Girl With Curves pairs a bold colorful skirt with a simple tee and neutral accessories for an approachable-yet-chic take on stripes.






plus fashionAmanda Allison of Fashion, Love, & Martinis wears a dress that does the print mixing for her! Stripes mingle with chevron and colorblocking for a modern mixedmedia feel. 

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