Nothing compares to a great ladies’ night, especially after a long week. But when drinks with the ladies come with some last-minute clothing planning, the prep work can get a little stressful. Luckily, with these fashion tips, you’ll know what to wear for a girls’ night out! So take notes, and get ready to plan out your wardrobe!

Think About Where You’re Going

First things first, think about where you’re going. The setting of your girls’ night could be the deciding factor as you plan your ensemble. If you’re going out for drinks, you’ll probably wear something different than you’d wear for a night downtown. And if ladies’ night is going to involve a lot of walking outside, you may want to ditch the heels. On a chilly night out, a jacket is a great addition because it’s fashionable and keeps you warm!

Start With a Base

You need an amazing base to build your outfit. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by all the clothes and accessories you have to choose, pick a single favorite. You might grab your favorite top, then decide what type of look you want. You could go for:

  • Simple and chic
  • Bubbly and fun
  • Trendy and sophisticated
  • Edgy and cool

Shoes make another great base, especially when you have a pair you can wear year-round. Cowboy boots are a perfect example of this since they’re adorable with a summer sundress and keep you warm in the winter. Just make sure you know the difference between cowboy and Western work boots since you wouldn’t want to wear the wrong ones. The best base works any time of year.

Add Some Accessories

As you plan what to wear for a girls’ night out, don’t forget about accessorizing from head to toe. Now is the time to get creative and cultivate a look that reflects you. To look bubbly and fun, try wearing some hoop earrings. But to look edgy and cool, you may want to throw on a pair of fishnets. The accessories you add are what give your outfit character.

Pro Tip: Get Bold With Color

Don’t be afraid to experiment with color. While you don’t want to overdo it, a few accents can make the perfect look for ladies’ night. Of course, you can go about this in many ways—it’s up to you. A brightly colored dress can be as eye-catching as a colorful clutch. And when in doubt about what to wear, check in with your friends. Sometimes, you’ll find the inspiration you need from a friend!

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