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Living in Arizona, my lady and I look forward to spending our summers on the beaches of Southern California.  Toes in the sand, ocean breezes, and surfing.  We love surfing!  Are we any good at it? Hardly.  But there’s nothing cooler than riding the barrel of a wave, looking to your left and seeing your love smiling back at you from the same wave, without a care in the world. 

Body-image issues aren’t exclusive to women.  Growing up, I was significantly overweight.  Of course, that meant I was the butt of schoolyard jokes and “too fat” for the girls.  That eventually changed as I matured and grew tall, but it made me self-conscious as an adult; to this day, my weight fluctuates considerably.  What can I say; I love great food and I have a great life!  There is something to be said of the adage of “fat and happy”. 

My bride is a confident woman, but she also still struggles at times.  Sure, we’ve gotten a little older since we met, and yeah, we’ve both gained weight, but let me tell you, each day, she looks better than she did the day before.   

So what’s my advice to push those body-image issues aside in lieu of confidence? 

First, dress the body you’ve got; not the body you want.  Buying clothes for when you’re “skinnier” only sets you up for despair and failure.  Forget size, focus on fit. plus love

Second, if you think it looks good on someone else, try it on!  If I’d had a nickel for every time my princess said, “I could never wear that, I’m too fat!…  Not everything’s going to be a win, but how do you know if you don’t try?  Get out of your comfort zone; that’s where the magic happens.  

Every body is a bikini body.  If people were less self-conscious, they’d have a lot more fun.  We live in a world that is increasingly accepting of all humans.  You know who faces more adversity?  The one lacking confidence.  Put your two-piece on, nobody cares!  Own it! 

XO, Johnny 

plus love

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