Feed Your Mind, Body and Soul 

Written by: Liis Windischmann


Photography Credits: David Wile  

Feed your body. Feed your mind. Feed your soul. All three are equally important to help us lead healthy, happy lives. These powerful statements are guiding ideas to explore ways to bring more joy into our lives.   

Feed Your Mind : What have you done lately to expand your mind? Is it time to take a language or guitar class? Is there a topic you have always wanted to learn about? Maybe it’s time to buy a book about it or visit your local library. Delve into a documentary or watch a moving TED talk and expand your world view.    

Feed Your Body : Play with your food! Make a pact with your partner or friend to visit a new restaurant you have been dying to visit. Invite friends over for a themed potluck and experience a foodie adventure exploring foods and beverages from a specific region or theme. Parisian brunch? Texas BBQ?  

Feed Your Soul : What lights you up? Do more of that! Go to concerts, plan weekend getaways, explore new places. Feeding your soul can also involve saying no to outings and cozying up on the couch instead. This is just as much about knowing what we need more of and what we need less of in our lives as well.   


Photography Credits: David Wile  


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