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Fitness Friday- Body Positive Fitness Alliance – FabUplus Magazine

Fitness Friday- Body Positive Fitness Alliance

Body Positive Fitness Alliance

Working out is often seen as trying to change who you are and how you look. However, having a positive view of who you are is an important mind-set to consider. The Body Positive Fitness Alliance is focussed on health and quality of life – taking the focus away from extreme fitness practices and damaging workouts. Their mission is to educate people about their health and fitness so they can make the right decisions and become their most fit selves.

Body Positive Fitness Alliance

There is far too much focus on being thin and punishing workouts at health clubs and gyms and the Alliance wants to shift gears and move away from that mentality. The Alliance aims for all their clientele to leave feeling like a freaking rock star. They have challenged the notion of dieting as part of feeling good. Rather they want people to concentrate on how they feel instead how they look. The Body Positive Fitness Alliance is founded on Seven Pillars that are at the core of their mission and mandate – accessibility, approachability, enjoyment, community, scope of practice, and body positivity. When a gym becomes part of the movement they come alongside in agreement and once the gym is verified as part of the movement they display these Pillars for their customers.

They train potential gyms so that they understand the importance of the Seven Pillars and can deliver inclusive and effective facilities. The Body Positive Fitness Alliance is growing all the time and the gyms that are part of the Alliance will help to deliver the message all over the United States. The movement hopes to find people that have shied away from the gym or have no idea about how to get fit. They understand that people have been intimidated by similar settings in the past and aid in finding solutions to help.

Fabplus Magazine applauds anything that makes looking after your health and fitness easy to understand and less intimidating. The Body Positive Fitness Alliance is a positive way of enhancing fitness without judging people based on their size or current level of fitness. That has to be the future.

Body Positive Fitness Alliance

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