The gym can be a scary place filled with what may seem like weird contraptions and torture machines. I always see a variety of gymgoers but the rarest visitors are those that look like me, plus size. Being a plus girl in a skinny world can make going to the gym intimidating. I want to encourage you to not be scared of the gym and, moreover, be excited to add it to your top places you frequent.

Most ladies become nervous about visiting the gym for many reasons. I have heard gym
objections such as, “what if people stare at me” or “ I don’t know what I’m doing in the gym”. Yet in every class or hard workout I’ve done, I have always had people taking the time to encourage me or say that I inspire them. If you are new to the gym, most will give you a “how-to” tour. If you’re feeling really daring, elicit the help of a trainer.

When I first started my healthy lifestyle in the gym, I stayed in the cardio area. I would
slave away on the treadmill. One day I wanted a challenge and wanted to explore a mystical place: the weight room. Weights are a great way to really make your body
stronger. Once I started a strength-training program, I noticed my lower back pain go
away and I had more energy. It also helped make my great thicker body look even greater. Now I’m even more daring and have started working on the squat rack and even became a certified indoor cycle instructor!

Fitness isn’t just reserved for a certain size, it’s for everyone! I challenge you today to do something fitness-related that scares you. If you haven’t been to the gym since the dawn of time, go do something to get moving like a walk in the park. If you live in Zumba classes, go try a kickboxing class or my personal fav, spin class. Health and fitness is the best confidence-booster and will help you live the most epic life you can.


By: Christian Ohonba

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